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Sino Used Vehicles Export Center

Listed as China Top professional platform in the field of used commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles export,Sino Used Vehicls Export Cernter(SUVEC) have our own professional QC Team, After Detail Check and Test, All of used vehicles EXW will be in perfect ruuning condition and ready to export.

Basic refurbishment service is listed as below,additional is available based on customer demand.

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Used Vehicle Refurbishment quite depend on Vehicle Depreciation Rate.

1).Vehicle Depreciation Rate: less than 20% 2-3 Years  0-100000KM

1. Consumptive part: Change all the oil, antifreeze, filter, AC, Freon, etc..
2. Painting: Painting according to demand.
3. Seat: Profundity Clean all the seats, change the wearing seat, repackaging the seats.
4. Cleaning: Profundity Clean Interior, all part of the driving area, change the wearing parts. Clean all the glass, inside of AC.
5. Driving system: Retreaded tire, Inspect bearing lubrication, check all the drive system and suspension systems.
6. Engine system: engine painting, Basic mechanical maintenance, belt, Other rubber parts, etc..

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2).Vehicle Depreciation Rat: between 20% and 40% 3-5 years 100000-200000KM
1. Consumptive part: Whole vehicle lubrication, battery, gearbox oil, etc..
2. Painting: Grinding sheet metal, repair the surface, rust cleaning, painting
3. Seat: change all the seats.
4. Cleaning: inside and outside the light, change all the floor, Internal light.
5. Driving system: change dirt-proof boot, Check the universal joint. Replace gear oil.
6. Electronic control system: clear all the sensor, change the worn wire, change the vulnerable parts interface.

3).Vehicle Depreciation Rate: more than 40% 5+ years  200000+KM
1. Consumptive part: we will change all consumptive part.
2. Painting: repair all rust and junction.
3. Seat: repair all the junction.
4. Cleaning: clean all the baggage holder. and luggage compartment.
5. Driving system: check and repair all the connect parts.
6. Driving area: change the wheel, driving seats, panel, and curtains, etc.

After refurbishment and repair, vehicle will go through strict full test before shipment.

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